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Decade and One Index, Diarist Awards

As some of you know, the Diarist Awards is accepting nominations from April 1st through April 15th for their 2003 Quarter One honors.

I was happy to discover that my Decade and One series inspired the always-thoughtful Rasee to pen her own 'Decade and One' piece. (Open invitation: if anybody else writes a speculative entry on that theme, I will be happy to link them here - just send me an email or post a comment in this entry with the URL of your entry :) ).

In the meantime, if you enjoyed the pieces, please feel free to submit a nomination for "Decade and One" - in "Best Collaborative Entry" category. Alternatively, nominate Decade and One: The Path Untaken #1 in "Best Romantic Entry" or Decade and One: The Path Untaken #2 in "Best Dramatic Entry." :)

Hardcore ego-strokers are welcome to amble over to the Overall Site Nomination section and put in a vote for whatever you feel is appropriate for me.


[/hit whoring]
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