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"Radar Off ... Passive Sensors Engaged ..."

So I've been in semi-stealth mode in recent days; spending a good portion of my waking hours studying for my Series 7 exam ... interspersed with periodic breaks where I blow up giant fighting robots on my laptop. Apologies to those with whom I've been a lousy correspondent ... I will likely remain so for another week as I prepare for this accursed six-hour (!) test.

Moment of truth is less than six days away; I sit for my Series 7 Exam on March 26th, 2003. Will decloak a few days after with a blizzard of queued-up essays, humor entries and nude self-photos. Uhm ... or maybe just two of the three. Heh.

Also: though the sustained sleep-deprivation has been playing havoc with my circadian biorhythms, I did have a highly ... pleasant ... dream last night about a certain LJ user two nights ago.

No, I'm not telling who.

Ta for now.
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