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Vampires Anonymous

My name is Vic-

everybody: Hi Vic!

vic: -and I'm ... I'm a vampire.

(round of applause)


Saturday night, a friend invited me to a screening of Vampires Anonymous. For a variety of reasons, comedy and indie films have been looming large in my mind during recent months, and I happily agreed to catch a 11:00pm show.

Good call, as it turns out.

Vampires Anonymous tells a whimsically sly story of a reluctant bloodsucker and his attempt to curb his homocidal appetites by joining a 12-step "V.A." program (after accidently biting and draining his then-girlfriend during a fit of coital excitement).

Step 1: Admit you have a problem.

Probably best known as "Mr. Blonde" in that brutal scene with the police officer in Tarantino's Resevior Dogs, Michael Madsen plays a vampire/mob-enforcer who acts as Vic's "sponsor" in helping him kick his addicition to human blood.

To dodge law-enforcement authorities (and a tattooed, Jaguar-driving vampire hunter), Vic is set up by V.A. in a sleepy North Carolina farm town and placed on a strict sheep-blood-only diet. Events rapidly complicate when Vic gets involved with a pretty local girl, whose long, inviting neck presents all manners of temptations for a weak-willed vampire.

I will not bite Maggie. I will not bite Maggie. I will not bite Maggie. I will not bite Maggie.

The details, as is the case with such things, are what made the film such a delight: from the casual, tongue-in-cheek brutality (during a V.A. meeting, cages of bunny rabbits and small birds are earmarked as 'light snacks'), to the grim determination with which the town farmers pursue the mysterious abductor of their missing sheep.

All in all - Vampires Anonymous is a hysterically entertaining jewel of dark comedy. Though currently playing only in indie film festivals, I understand it will be available on DVD/VHS rental sometime during Winter 2003. Anybody with a sufficiently twisted sense of humor (a good 90% of you goobers probably qualify ;)) owes it to themselves to check it out.

Addendum: Film geeks would likely be interested in a longer, more involved review of Vampires Anonymous that discusses the film in greater detail.
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