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Hard Questions About Iraq

As a matter of personal opinion, I intensely dislike jingoistic soapboxing. Activism-via-public-demonstrations diminish the level of thoughtfulness in any debate; compressing complex issues onto 3x6 placards inevitably turns any debate (abortion, affirmative action, military action, etc.) into a War of Volume: victory belongs to the side with the loudest aggregate voice.

maradydd cut through the glib "No Blood for Oil" mantra with some very hard questions about day-to-day life within Iraq under the brutal Ba'th party:

"It is too late to shout 'no blood for oil'," I told them. "That blood has already been spilled, by the people who run Iraq."

They sat there with really uncomfortable looks on their faces, but by damn, they shut up and listened. Even when I drew my conclusion -- that there is no hope for preserving minority cultures and minority languages so long as the Ba'th Party remains in power -- no one screamed at me.

Being a small-l-libertarian, I'm generally skeptical about any large-scale government operation and remain agnostic about military action (particularly non-defensive 'proactive' combat as is the case for Iraq) - but I have to wonder: imagine that, for whatever reason, *poof* Bush somehow backs down and withdraws plans for invasion.

Would the anti-war protestors devote the same level of energy to protesting the genocide of Kurds and other non-Arabs in Iraq, or would they be forgotten (like the way they were in 1991?) as soon as Iraq fades from international headlines?

What ARE the responsibilities of a wealthy, industrialized nation to the rest of the world?
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