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"Ultimate" Man != Asian, according to NBC

So I'm on an email distribution list from a local casting agency and got the following message today:

NBC has a new reality show called Love at First Sight. Its premise is the "Ultimate" guy (who's single) lives in a mansion in L.A. and dates beautiful women. We are looking for the "Ultimate" guy. Our client is very selective and only wants to see the best of the best. We are currently seeking professional, attractive, SINGLE, Caucasian men ages 27-33. Men need to be very successful, confident, charming and gorgeous. We are also seeking beautiful, fun-loving, sexy women ages 21-32 for this reality TV show. We will be holding an open call by appointment only on Wednesday, March 5 for both men and women. Please call [number] during business hours (9:00 - 5:30) today Friday, February 28, Monday, March 3rd or Tuesday, March 4th to schedule an interview.

Please do not call over the weekend. If you know of anyone who is the "Ultimate" guy please pass this information along.

Everyone must be willing and able to take one month off of work or any other obligations if selected.

We are not seeking actors. Actors will not be considered.


Could anyone explain NBC's insistence that only Caucasian males are fit to be portrayed as the 'ultimate' ideal?
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