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Baiting.org [NSFW]

After spending nearly an hour laughing until I began to suspect internal organ damage, I am still uncertain what is sicker -

[a] pedophiles who try to pick up 12-year-old girls online
[b] the good folks at Baiting.org who lie about being 12-year-old-girls, in order to bait strangers into AIM chats where they manipulate and torment aspiring child-molestors
[c] me, for finding the damn thing in the first place and laughing hysterically until my lungs screamed for mercy

Hm ... [c]. Definitely [c].

There are plenty of liars on the internet ... but few do it with the vicious, ruthless style exhibited by the master baiters of Baiting.org.

Personal faves:

Baiting the criminally stupid has a beauty all its own.

Can YOU turn a good Christian boy into a raging, Jesus-denouncing pedophile?

Undead bellboys and other evil surprises.

Unleashing the Magic Penis on an unwary victim.

Finally, if you're chatting with a "12 years old girl" who suddenly launches into a discussion of Schroedinger's Cat ... and you fail to notice anything wrong, you get exactly what you deserve.
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