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Patronizing 'Ethnic Marketing' Campaigns

Dear Patronizing Ignorant Asshats Anheuser-Busch,

While I question the efficacy of spending thousands of $$$ on a ham-fisted 'ethnic marketing' web campaign that has all the subtlety of a drunken fratboy hitting on Japanese women shouting ni hao ma, it might be a good idea to pony up a few bucks and hire a Chinese-literate copywriter so you don't inadvertently put the character for 'dog' where you meant to write 'dragon'.

Just a thought.

- pjammer

PS: The site is plenty awful without the misused character. I mean, what was the intended effect of this website? Was I supposed to go "Wow gee! Look - Budweiser says they are 'deeply interested in asian culture' and even posts a goddamn chinese horoscope on a website. I've suddenly developed this hankering for cheap-ass American beer!"
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