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Broken Saints ... Act Deux

Combining equal parts black-magic Flash animation wizardry, exquisitely-paced storytelling and some of the most haunting music this side of Vangelis, Broken Saints tells its tale of adventure, betrayal and redemption with uncommon grace and chilling intensity.

Since pimping for them a while back (and trading a few emails with the producers of the series) I've been an enthusiastic fan ... and recently heard news that the Saints have been confirmed in the lineup at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival! Congrats guys - Brooke Burgess, Ian Kirby, Andrew West and Tobias Tinker - you've earned this moment many times over.

To those of you who haven't witnessed the finest reason to pay for broadband access ... fire up your browser, kill your lights, turn on your speakers ... and prepare to be mesmerized.

Broken Saints</ br>
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