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digiVisuals presents ... Agent XXX

Though digiVisual's supurb James Bond spoof Agent XXX may be confused with the train-wreck of a movie that bears an unfortunately similar name, it remains one of the most impressive amateur movies I've ever seen and one that every action-flick film buff ought to check out.

What's most impressive is not so much the staggering amount of gear the film manages to show off (speedboats, underwater cameras, scuba equipment, etc.) but rather the exquisite attention to filmmaking detail (notice how the music seamlessly melds with the action sequences, for instance). Written and produced by people who clearly love classic Bond flicks, Agent XXX manages to ape the franchise that inspired it with just the right mix of cheeky humor and testosterone-charged pursuit sequences. The film is a rich canvas of clever storytelling, including sly references to The Matrix, recurring gags revolving around Bond's preening vanity, and a hysterically dead-on Austin "Yeah, baby!" Powers cameo.

Speedboat Chase   Dodge This

Forget that overhyped secret-agent movie out in theaters - for gorgeous babes, dry wit and the most vodka martinis ever served in a single film, there can be only one Bond.

Bond. James Bond.
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