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Vienna Teng CD Launch Party

Spent most of this weekend listening to the first CD I purchased in over a year: Vienna Teng's Waking Hour. I discovered Vienna's music from following a random link off Eric's website and, on a whim, went to what turned out to be a highly enjoyable live performance a few weeks ago.

Seems I was not the only person who was impressed by her musical talents - producer David Henry (Cowboy Junkies, REM, Josh Rouse, Yo La Tengo) agreed to work with Vienna in the creation of a CD album.

Last night, I attended Vienna's CD Release party at the Hotel Utah in celebration her record deal/launch with Virt Records - and ended up meeting a few people that I've known online for the first time: photo pimp Adam Tow and Eric Cheng.

Photo from launch party:
Copyright (c) Adam Tow, 2002 - used with permission
Boris, some random hoser, Jim Batcho, and Eric

I'm at your back door with the earth of a hundred nations in my skin
you won't recognize me
for the light of my eyes is strange
it was years ago god knows when you strained to tell me your whole truth
that you were not mine to save
that you could not change

would it be enough to go by
if we could sail on the wind in the dark
cut those chains in the middle of the night
that had you pulled apart
would it be enough to go by
if there's moonlight pulling the tide
would it be enough to live on
if my love could keep you alive

I've built a lot of castles
built a lot of blazing speed-of-light machines
but it doesn't matter, you know
they all crumble in the winds of change
so I turned back to breathing
I leaned a few good reasons to cry
and I finally called home praying you weren't out of range

carry the weight
I'll carry the weight of you, I swear
carry the weight
I'll carry the weight of you

- Enough to Go By, Vienna Teng
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