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Manhattan Nocturne

As a self-confessed book addict, there are a few authors and stories I revist to savor particularly memorable turns of phrases or salient observations of human nature.

Recently finished re-reading Colin Harrison's stark and savagely beautiful Manhattan Nocturne for what must be the fifth or sixth time.

The novel told through the first-person narration of Manhattan investigative-reporter-turned-news-columnist Porter Wren: entertainer, morning bon-bon, to his millions of readers. He prowls the underbelly of New York City at odd hours, transforming stories of mayhem, corruption and blackmail into neatly compressed column-inches ... never involving himself in his stories until one of his stories reached out and dragged him into a vortex of double-crosses and treachery.


She understood by now that she was attracted to men who were in some way excessive. The bars and health clubs and office buildings were filled with fine and boring men, and their reasonableness and good humor held no attraction for her. They were interested in mutual funds and pro football and they were too witty on the first date and too polite in bed. The described themselves as political, but didn't understand the streets. They seemed mass-produced, they exhibited the impotent irony of their generation, they were Television. She found men on the margin more interesting, had more at risk, were forced to live with greater consciousness.

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