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Things Yoda Would Disapprove Of ...

Using Jedi Mind Tricks for malicious pranks.

My first year living in the dorms at Rutgers, I had a very special kind of roommate. I didn't particularly not like him, he was just kind of dumb and well, something was not all right with the guy. It was probably because he lacked a sense of humor that I felt the need to try to bring humor to him against his will, but I'm not sure.

I'd say it was maybe the 4th week of my first semester, my friend and I carried a small brown refrigerator into my room. He already had obtained a better newer one, so he said I could use the old one for the year.

So we're carrying it in, and my roommate inquires "Hey man, where'd you get that refrigerator from?" (Most of his sentences started with "hey man", or ended with "man" whether or not you were a man or a woman or something else entirely. Living with him was like walking through the entrance of "Guitar Center" over and over and over again. Hey man, Hey man, Hey man, Hey man, He-man? Hymen? Haband? Ham and? Shoot me.)

So naturally I told him that we stole it. Just kind of half joking, you know, that sort of thing. He paused for a few seconds, and then asked us where we stole it from. He *totally* believed me. "We got it from the fifth floor.", I said. My friend's eyes lit up, and he began to play along with all sorts of details to the false theft. It all went over pretty convincingly.

We installed the refrigerator in the rightful place and I figured that would be the end of it. It wasn't.

(continued here)
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