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The Bachelor

Confession: I've never owned a television set in my life. My addiction to monitor-based entertainment is bad enough that I never wanted to give myself yet another temptation to deal with. Heh.

That said, I find television concepts - particularly the current trend of reality/survivor-style shows, to be fascinating. As many people know, the new season of The Bachelor is now playing, where twenty five young women vie for the attentions of the show's designated bachelor over the course of the show. Razib, of Gene Expression, didn't seem too impressed with the guy:

The Bachelor they picked seems kind of like a goon. He has a feigned southern accent because he "wanted to stand out." They talk about how he's a successful businessmen, but he's the VP of the family bank. This is nepotistic success, the other guys seemed like they made it on their own. I guess they liked him for his "All American" sincerity, but from the clips they showed it looks like this guy used the show as an excuse to go on some major panty dropping expeditions.

Having not seen any of the television clips, I don't have much to go on other than the website - but from what I've seen, most of the twenty five bachelorettes seem to be overdone - too much makeup, too much lipstick, too much hairspray. Even so, a few exceptions stood out for me:


Yeah, yeah - being asian means I'm obligated to pick the asian girl, right? Fine. Whatever. :P

Observations: She has the least dolled-up face of the group (well, at least appears to be ... ) and natural beauty wins over a M.A.C. makeover any day.

She's 30. In my experience, girls in their early 20s are still coming to their own as women ... at 30, she's more likely to be comfortable in her own skin. Awareness and mature confidence has its own brand of allure that eclipses the kind that draws its strength from youth and freshness.

She articulated optimism as one of the "five things about you that you hope the Bachelor notices." Most people don't seem to place too high a priority on it, but I think optimism is one of the most important cornerstones of general happiness and emotional well-being.



This is my Miss America smile ...

Observations: She lists her career as "Radio Sales," so odds are strong she's got a nice voice/conversational presence.

I was a bit put off by her cliched responses to the stock questions in her bio, but maybe she's just not good at canned Q&As.

She's cute and at least potentially interesting. I wouldn't turn down a date with her.



I've got it bad, got it bad, got it baaaaad ...

Observations: There's something wonderfully wholesome about her that's rare to find these days. While most of the bachelorettes seem to be 'posing' in one way or another (just like in real life - who'da thunkit?), she stood out as having a refreshingly unguarded and sincere presence. It's almost surprising to see someone like that willing to go on a television show ... especially one that is as fraught with cattiness as shows of this type are wont to be.

She listed optimism. TWICE!

Best dimples of the group. I'm a sucker for dimples. Shoot me.

If thick-necked Vice-President-In-Charge-of-Waiting-For-Dad-to-Die nepotism-boy from Montana doesn't realize she is, by far, the best pick of the lot - I'll seriously consider sending the lovely Merilee a letter of my own and ask her to a date.


Question for the guys: Which of the bachelorettes strike your fancy? Why?
Question for the ladies: Is this Aaron guy your ideal of a desirable man? If so, why? If not, who?
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