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Harry Potter Fanfiction: Draco Dormiens

As a casual reader of Harry Potter books (and a stranger to the fanfiction world in general), I was surprised to find myself reading with rapt attention thegraybook's superb fanfiction Draco Dormiens.

With the exception of a single out-of-place (and, in my opinion, needless) expletive, Draco Dormiens reads like an excerpt from a genuine Harry Potter novel. Well-paced, thoughtful and thoroughly entertaining - words generally not associated with 99% of the clumsy fanfiction out there.


PS: Is it just me, or does the woman's voice in the Harry Potter Pronunciation Guide sound exactly like the voice in the 'Mech labs of MechWarrior?

"Draco" "Azkaban" "Basilisk" "Timberwolf" "Enemy 'Mech unit ... destroyed."
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