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Beauty's Burden

y 13-year-old daughter is blessed with uncommon beauty. The first time I noticed my child standing out from the crowd was at her ballet recital ... "

Carolyn Magner Mason tells us - in one of the most thoughtful essays ever written on the psychological effects of beauty.

With my dating pattern being what it is, I have thought a great deal about the topic myself. Between coffee breaks and naps on my keyboard, I'm working on organizing those observations in a somewhat coherent essay that will hopefully also work in responses to some related threads still left hanging from a previous post (hi Diana!).

And yes, Amanda - I haven't forgotten. Strawberry Girl, Act Deux is also in the queue of stuff to complete.

But the hour is late, and work-related issues have taken the better part of my waking hours today - and I must sleep.

More later. Promise.
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