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The Livejournal Book Project

In a converation with a few friends last night, I tossed around the idea of writing a book about Livejournal. The more we talked about it - the better I liked the idea ... there are thousands of interesting stories here that beg for a wider audience, and a collaborative-project book is the perfect vehicle to share the very best of LJ with the offline world. With a surplus of activation codes at my disposal, I created the bookproject community as a gathering point where individuals can make suggestions, nominate outstanding writers or offer editorial help to the book project.

My contact with author Robert Greene gave me some connections with agents/publishers in New York that I can call upon once we have a solid chapter summary/outline to pitch. Spend a bit of time last night thinking about the book's organization - issues of striking a balance between a clean, professional voice that appeals to a mass-market audience and maintaining the informal free-wheeling spirit of the LJ community.

Ideas? Suggestions? The floor is open.

Thailand can wait.
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