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Investment Banking, Disinformation & Magic

After my grueling stint as a mergers & acquisitions analyst, my first post-Wall Street job was working as a clerk at a magic store. While incongruous on the surface, in retrospect, it was an ironically fitting career transition: as an M&A financial analyst, my primary job responsibility was crafting elaborate financial lies on Excel. In my time, I was responsible for all manners of accounting sleight-of-hand and spreadsheet shenanigains.

It took me six months to convince my mother that I wasn't a stockbroker, selling shoddy investment instruments to gullible individuals ... and it me another six months to realize that, as an investment banker, I doing essentially the same thing - only difference being that we were selling shaky equity deals to a disturbingly credulous audience of institutional investors and corporations.

Professional magicians are more honest than investment bankers: magicians will tell you up front they're going to try and trick their clients - and magicians still deserve your respect after they've misled and hoodwinked you.

Magic is an honest man's way to earn a living using the skills of deceit and disinformation. Alas, while I've honed my financial sleight-of-hand skills to Mary Meeker-caliber levels, my prestidigitation talents are strictly amateur-league.

Ah, well. What can you do?

My fumble-fingers notwithstanding, I remain a big magic enthusiast (I'm particularly impressed with close-up sleight-of-hand gods like the terrifyingly competent Jamy Ian Swiss), and created the magicians community for performing magicians and fans of the craft.

Ok, enough rambling. Back to work.
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