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BMW Films and DVD Software

s many of you already know, I'm writing/directing/producing a short, Bulletproof Vandal. With stylistic influences from film noir, mid-eighties Hong Kong action flicks, Broken Saints and the BMW Films, BPV has since acquired a life of its own, drawing in some immensely talented volunteers.

Current issue: I acquired the BMW Films DVD through a bit of social engineering, and I'd like to burn some of the film clips (specifically, "The Follow," which BMW Films inexplicably took off their website) on a postable format so I can directly send it to specific individuals on BPV's staff and offer them a quick and easy way to view relevant material online.

Any ideas on the strenghts/weaknesses of the major video formats (Quicktime, DiVX, MPEG-4, etc.)? Also, what are your recommendations on DVD-ripping software? I'm running WinXP on a Sony VAIO GRX-570 laptop (1.6GHz/512MB RAM/32MB Video Card system).

PS: Those of you who really liked the BMW Film may want to check out the bmwfilms community.
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