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Updates: Scripts and Other Distractions

I've been unusually busy lately with both social and work-related activities, so updates have been sporadic. Apologies, for those of you hitting the 'reload' button on my journal every morning. :)

Things are progressing on Bulletproof Vandal: I am meeting with my armorer/weapons consultant next weekend to draw up a tentative storyboard of the gunplay's choreography.

Script still needs some reworking, and I'm having the highly talented mediajonez go over what we have so far.

Also: Met a stunningly attractive woman last week who found me through shared interests in triathlon training. She's bright, friendly and delightfully engaging. We're starting out as cycling partners - and I hope to see more of her in the months ahead.

Hrm ... I'm trying hard not to think about what it says about me, the fact that "meeting an interesting hottie" is relegated into the footnote of a journal entry.

Back to work.
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