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I'm not sure if I should be horrified or amused that the al_qaeda community not only exists ... it is regularly updated with some of the most consistently tasteless-yet-hilarious content thanks in large part to el_kubrio, who offers us entries like:

a big happy b-day to saddam hussein who turns 65 today. may allah give him another 65 years. or at least send him to heaven for his virgins. i'm sure its been a while since iraq has had any virgins over the age of 12 ...

With an interest list ranging from the obvious (afghanistan, hizbullah, osama bin laden) to the tasteless (airplanes, box cutters, suicide bombers) to the whimsically comical (canadian bacon, lost causes, spice girls), al_qaeda offers a lighthearted alternative to the grim and disturbingly serious free_palestine community.
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