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Cheap Laughs at my Father’s Expense to Entertain the Masses

o my father asked me if I would be interested in “Crunchy Tigers.”

“What?” I asked quizzically.

“Crunchy Tiger! Crunchy Tiger!”

My immediate response was “Christ dad, one – you know I’ve been a vegetarian for five years already. Do you keep pestering your Jewish co-workers to eat some bacon? And two – aren’t products derived from endangered species insanely illegal?”

No no no … the movie “Crunchy Tiger.” You know, the one with Chinese people.

Oooooooh – you mean Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?

“Yes! Yes! Crunchy Tiger Hidden Dragon!” he nods.

Oh lordy dad. You should thank your lucky stars you live in California. If you are ever separated from an English translator, you would be so dead.
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