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When I first moved to the United States as a child, one of my favorite pastimes was listening to radio drama - stories told over the course of several evenings performed by a cast or (more frequently) read by a particularly talented voice actor covering all the roles. Over the years, radio drama fell from grace, unable to compete finanicially with corporate stations that spends its airtime shilling major-label singles and CDs.

I miss those days - and was particularly delighted when the phenomenon of Books-on-Tape (and these days, CD) became widespread and talented actors lent their voices to breathe life into some of my favorite books.

Last week, I picked up a copy of Thomas Harris' unabridged cassette-tape version of his novel Hannibal. During this most recent long-distance drive to Los Angeles, I listened to Daniel Gerroll's crisp baritone read Harris' mesmerizing tale of Hannibal Lecter. Gerroll, like the most talented of voice-actors, was able to offer distinct voices to the characters - from Clarice Starling's Appalachian-bred, UVI-educated, almost-not-there Southern drawl, to Hannibal Lecter's ice-cold, cultured deadpan, to lipless Mason Verger's respirator-supported intonations.

All in all, a magnificient performance of a chilling tale - much more satisfying than the movie.


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