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In a recent journal entry Po Bronson and the Fall of Silicon Valley, I quoted Bronson's New York Times article Instant Company, about brash twentysomethings who walked away from millions of dollars worth of nearly-vested stock options to start a new company in the middle of the dot-com mania. Curiously enough - the firm they started, Epinions is, unlike many of its contemporaries bearing E-prefixed names, still in operation.

Epinions is a consumer/product-review online, offering a staggering number of reviews/opinions on books, DVDs, electronic equipment and motor vehicles. It quickly gained a following thanks to two major factors: [1] its offer to pay individuals to write reviews and [2] its innovative reputation-based review-filtering system (Epinions calls it the "Web of Trust"). Thoughtful and well-written reviews percolate to the top of trusted lists - and since Epinion's payment to writers is partially based on the number of pageviews, reviewers whose writing reputation are highly-regarded by others are rewarded with a lion's share of epinions' reviewer royalties.

I set up an epinions account back in 1999, but failed to do much with it until recently, when I wrote a review of the 2002 Audi A4.

Given the size of the LJ's user base, I realized there is an excellent opportunity to create some links between LJ and Epinions - and I've created the epinions community to highlight the product reviews written by LJ users on epinions.
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