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Bulletproof Vandal - Promo Photo

Visit to Los Angeles this past week was fruitful - took care of a few business matters and managed to meet some very talented people who seem interested in contributing to my film project, Bulletproof Vandal.

A number of you have been pinging me with a variety of questions about the project - so let me try to answer some of the more frequently asked questions:

Short version: Bulletproof Vandal tells the story of Wen-Tao ("Vandal") Tsai, a Chinese Triad family's top hitman, who ends up on the wrong side of a bloody mission in Hong Kong and is exiled to America ... where he ends up working as a driver/bodyguard - protecting his clients from the very profession he used to practice. As he confronts an unexpected face from his past during an otherwise routine mission, his life detonates into a hail of mayhem and gunfire as he drives to safety the enigmatic woman he is charged to protect.

There will be multi-vehicle car pursuits, drama and lots of guys in suits unleashing mayhem from barrel of a gun because hey, there's no such thing as too much Hong Kong action-film influence. :)

In the meantime, I'm posting a photo that will hopefully become a full promo teaser poster:

Bulletproof Vandal
(click here for larger photo)
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