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Marta: from Poland with Love

Serendipidy can lead us to unexpected and delightful adventures for those of us who take the initiative to follow the bread crumbs that fate scatters our way.

Three weeks ago, a chance encounter brought me in contact with a wonderfully charismatic young woman - who turned out to be a law student from a rather prominent family in Poland, visiting the US on a work-study exchange. In the course of a few conversations, discovered she's passionate, bright and endlessly curious. It's refreshingly rare to meet people with that certain *sparkle* in their personality, and I was elated when she agreed to join me for an afternoon in San Francisco and dinner in the city last Friday.

Hurrah for serendipidy!

Unfortunately, obscure.org is currently down - so I'm going to have to post pictures on my alternate image host for you curious goobers for the time being:

(PJ & Marta ... Photo at the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco)
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