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Airsoft/Firearms Casting Call

Residents of the San Francisco/Bay Area - need your help:

As some of you know, I am producing/directing an independing film project: "Bulletproof Vandal." Currently, I am preparing the groundwork for the point in the story where the screen detonates into a blizzard of mayhem & gunfire.

Those of us in the shooting community are often aghast at the misuse and grossly inaccurate portrayal of guns in otherwise fine films (Exhibit A: the sideways-held, 'gangsta-style' pistol stance in The Usual Suspects).

To ensure a degree of realism of gunplay in Bulletproof Vandal absent in most Hollywood productions, I've hired a designated armorer/weapons consultant (fine, fine - I can't pay him - so "bamboozled into volunteering" would probably be more accurate than "hired") for the project. Whatever. :)

Here's where we need your help.

While a few guns have already been assigned to specific characters, we'd like a wider selection of hardware to choose from to arm the rest of the cast. We need firearms/Airsoft owners who live in the Bay Area and are willing to lend their guns for a few days of photography to be held by actors (NO actual shooting - not even blanks). REALISTIC-looking Airsoft guns are welcome (preferable, in fact), and gun owners who lend their hardware are welcome to supervise the filming of the project while their gear is in use.

At this point, what I need is a simple list of availibility to provide our armorer, so we can finalize how each character should be armed.

Should you be interested in contributing to the project, please email me what you are able to provide (details, please ... make/model/caliber/finish - and number of spare magazines). There is no need to specify whether it is an Airsoft or a real gun (provided it looks realistic for the camera) - we will be using both in the filming, and we will be providing DETAILED safety briefings for the actors when the time comes.

Current List (partial):

SIG-Sauer P220 .45 ACP 2-Tone + 2 magazines
SIG-Sauer P239 9mm Luger Blue + 3 magazines
Remington Custom Shop 7.62 NATO sniper rifle + scope
H&K MP5k 9mm Blue + 3 magazines + MP5k Briefcase
Glock 18, 19, 23 + gazillions of magazines
(5x) Colt 1911 .45 ACP blue + gazillions of magazines
H&K USP 9mm Blue + 2 magazines


Urgently Needed:

Chinese SKS AK-47 style rifles
Makarov 9x18 mm pistol (ideally, two)


Soviet Dragunov 7.62x54 mm sniper rifle + scope
Thompson Contender (any caliber)
S&W Performance Center .44 Magnum V-Comp Model 627 Revolver
H&K SOCOM w/suppressor
H&K .308 PSG-1
SIG-Sauer .308 SSG3000
SIG-Sauer SG550-series battle rifles
Beretta M93R + extended magazine

PS: We need to confirm availability of equipment/props first so we can solidify the script ... but yes, we are still casting for some important roles in the story and I will post audition information here in a few weeks.
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