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BBQ on Ocean Beach in San Francisco

So I spent this past Saturday evening at a get-together/BBQ along San Francisco's Ocean Beach with some people I originally met through Rice Bowl Journals. Finally met up with a few individuals with whom I've been trading emails, comments and IMs - including the charming hostess/organizer of the BBQ, Amabelle (thanks, Ame for getting us all together :)).

MmmMmmmMmmm ... BBQ-grilled portobello mushrooms ... MmmMMmmMmmm

Also: cribbed some pictures from the evening from Ame ... will try to post photos from my digital camera when I can get my accursed primary computer back on its feet ...

That's me in the corner
That's me in the corner ... that's me in the spot ... light ... losing my religion ...

Yeah - I'm that freaky TALL asian guy. ;)
Everybody smile! No - not YOU, freak ...

By the beach fire with Ame
MmmmMmmmmmMmm portobello mushrooms ...

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