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Pjammer: Investment Banker, Market Research Guru ... Model/Actor?

As an ex-girlfriend once observed, I command a disarming approachable physical presence. It's not from any deliberate effort on my part; indeed, back in college, it had the annoying effect of making me a frequent target of cult-recruiters and multi-level-marketing hosers. On the upside, my passive charisma also allowed me to transform casual conversations at conferences, business flights and other such into some of my most valuable business and personal contacts.

No good thing is free.

So I'm on my lunch break and buying a smoothie from Jamba Juice when I notice a long-haired twentysomething woman staring at me. When our eyes meet, she smiles for a lingering moment, then goes back to her paper.

Cool. Normally, my desirability to hot women is defined by the function:

Desirabilitypjammer = [distance from pjammer's address] x [level woman's involvement in her existing relationship]


As I leave with my smoothie, she stands up, extends her hand and says "Hi, I'm Judi,"

Immediately, my 'Cult-recruiter/Amway-hoser' warning klaxon begin shrieking in my head: AWOOOOOOOGA! AWOOOOOOOGA! AWOOOOOOOGA!

"... and I'm a talent scout with the Options Talent Agency. Here's my card. I noticed you from the parking lot and I wanted to invite you to our office for an interview and test shot, if you're interested."


"Uh ... sure." I reply as I take her business card, more than a little surprised she picked out my scruffy, unshaven face out of the crowd. (Then again, I'm Chinese so "scruffy" should probably be considered a relative term.)

"Check us out on the web www.otalent.com ... we represent models and actors in a wide range of fields and I'd love to see you in our office."

Damn. Just when I think my life can't get any weirder, it does.

Should I call her back?

PS: Been surfing through oTalent.com ... seems like a legit shop. Will do some more targeted google searches to see exactly what they're all about. Anybody have any experience with this organization?
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