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The best fakejournals has a distinctive and consistent "voice."

Met up with a fellow LJ user at the LA Bash who joined the ghostwriters community, and we tossed a few ideas back and forth. Nixed some weaker ideas ... but we hit upon something that I think has great potential. (If you are interested in participating, don't be shy - join the community!)

In the interim, I'm curious if any of you have a favorite fictional/fakejournal that you follow (perhaps one that I'm not aware of ... there are a plenty of mediocre fakejournals, and only a handful of truely clever ones). If so, do share it and explain a bit what you like about it.

Personal favorites:
Photoshop Pimp/Pr0n-hound billiam
Fundie Fanatic amenlover
Master of the Universe and master comic heman

Rice Bowl Journals
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