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PJ reporting from Los Angeles ...

Day Two, Los Angeles LJ Bash: I'm running on about 3 elapsed hours of sleep and updating this journal entry from the TI PowerBook G4 of brad. Coolness.

Had an enjoyable dinner with catherine, her husband Alan (username?) and the hubba-hubba-hubbalicious dtamayob last evening, away from some of the more, ah, rowdy LJ personalities. :)

This afternoon: meeting up with a former cow-orker from my investment-banking days who is now shaking his ass for the Man at UBS Warburg, Los Angeles for drinks/whatever, while I listen to him whine about how he can't make ends meet on $200K/yr and try to nod sympathetically. Hoser. :)

More fun scheduled tonight. Stay tuned: will post updates and lurid, compromising photographs of other users shortly.
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