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"Charming Orientals ...?" Pardon me while I drive my fist through my computer monitor

Generally, examples of gross stupidity I find on the internet elicit little more than an dismissive snicker.

But some things just hit too close to home ... and few things have the power to seriously piss me off more than reading about insecure, self-hating Asians and the rat-bastard opportunists who profiteer from their Western-media-brainwashed idiocy.
Many Asian people have eyelids with no visible lid folds. It is referred to as "single eyes". The essence of double eyelid surgery is to create beautiful double eyes without altering the ethnic charm of the Oriental.
Now we're not talking about ugly, unpresentable individuals here - we're talking about people who look normally attractive or, in my opinion, flat-out beautiful who nonetheless spend thousands of dollars to "correct" the "defect" of not looking Caucasian enough. Christ! What the hell is wrong with you people?!

Look - I understand the desire to "fit in," probably more than most Asian-Americans. I lived in Osawatame Kansas when my family first immigrated to the United States, and let me tell you, we funny-talkin' Orientals stick out in the rural Midwest more than Ted Kennedy at an NRA meeting.

I'll admit it - once upon a time, I wanted to look "less Asian" too. Being an Asian male is much greater liability (in the dating arena) than being being an Asian female (who, in many cases, enjoy an elevated status as sexualized fetish objects to the Western eye).

Them's the breaks, man. Deal.

But how much self-loathing does it take for someone to pay hard-earned money and hire a surgeon to carve your very ethnicity out of your flesh? Hong Kong and Seoul, South Korea have some of the highest per-capita expenditures on plastic surgury in the world ... and the "eyelid-correction" operation is (depressingly) one of the most popular procedures.

If you truly believe you are an eye-tuck away from acceptance and "beauty," your problems have nothing to do with your physical appearance and everything to do with your Western-media-brainwashed sense of beauty. A dose of self-confidence and charisma will do far more for you than anything a surgeon's knife can offer.

Damn it ... now I have to buy a new computer display. Anybody selling a used 19-inch, .25 dpi monitor by any chance?
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