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Drink Club Retro Formal

Ok, so I forgot to mention that Drink Club (San Francisco/Bay Area Asian-American twentysomething group) was holding its first annual Retro Formal this Saturday. It's been a while since I attended a formal - and it was a welcome evening of dancing and high-energy socializing. Spent a good hour learning the Foxtrot/Waltz with an infinitely patient (and sinfully pretty) galpal (Gratzi, K. I think I owe you a half-dozen Midori Sours ;) ).

Some of the attendees went all out - guys decked out with tophats and canes ... women in floor-length gowns/dresses or figure-flattering traditional Chinese cheongsams (hubba hubba hubba!) ... and the event was packed wall-to-wall with eye-candy.

Most of us ended up staying until 2am, and I got to talk face to face with a few people I originally met through the Rice Bowl Journals. W00T!

I've always viewed my pathetically low alcohol tolerance as a blessing in disguise: I can get seriously sloshed on an extremely tight budget. Saturday proved to be no exception - my bar tab for the entire evening, with tip, came in under $16:
1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
2. Jack & Sour
3. Jack & Coke
4. Soda water

Enough fun to last me a while. Time to get back to work.

the first rule of Drink Club is ...
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