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Rice Bowl Journals

Friend from college and long-time reader of my incoherent ramblings pointed me to an interesting hub/community focused on Asian journal-writers: the Rice Bowl Journals.

Well great - there goes another four hours of my life, compulsively clicking away at random journals of cute women. Egads! ADHD, the Internet and cute women will be the death of me yet.

Things left to do this weekend:

1. Get back to alicelee on some RE questions she asked of me this Thursday (I'm on it, A, I'm on it!).

2. Find out the evening schedules of my short-listed local dojos and draw up a itinerary to visit them this week.

3. Catch up on emails/voicemails.

4. Organize tax-related paperwork & send in returns

5. Stay away from recreational use of the Internet until 1 through 4 is completed.
If everything goes according to plan, I should have a pretty productive week.

Essays/photoshop fun/humor pieces are still on the burner. Right now, I need to focus on getting my own act together in RL. :) Soon as I do - work will resume on Crunchy Tigers and other assorted fun stuff. Heh.

- PJ

Rice Bowl Journals
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