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1st Annual Quotesfile Index

There is a distinctive pleasure as a writer when you hit a turn of phrase just right. Likewise, there is a certain delight in catching those moments of linguistic synchronicity in others, be they funny, profound, whimsical or moving.

Things have lately been rather hectic, but I was able to spend a few hours this evening rereading old sections of my journal ... and wanted a single entry that would flag the most memorable of those moments for the past year: from both myself and readers who took time to leave thoughtful, entertaining, or insightful comments.

Naturally, everybody is most aware of the words penned by ourselves - so a majority of the quotes I've found are mine (but hey - this is my journal, damnit! :)).

That said, I'd be very curious to hear from everyone: what bits of dialogue you find particularly quotable/memorable in your own journals, penned either by others or yourself?

Speak freely ... the floor is open!

(continued from main journal)

As anyone in the world of high finance can tell you, the investment-banking community is a clubby, insular fraternity. Insufferably snotty, their clannish recruitment procedures make membership in Phi Beta Kappa look about as exclusive as Price Club.
- pjammer
How Guile, Cunning & Subterfuge Beats an Ivy League Degree

... imagine how powerful it would be if you can identify your “resonant language,” - something which, even as an adult, is possible to master within a few months because it just makes so much intuitive sense to your brain. Likewise, imagine the quiet suffering of those who struggle their entire life, labeled as ‘slow,’ ‘stupid,’ (or worse!) – simply because they are trapped in a supposedly native tongue that their brains were never meant to comprehend.
- pjammer
The Occidental Native

Whether it’s the beginning of a full-time relationship or a fleeting moment of shared intimacy that vanishes by daybreak, there is always something magical about that first kiss you exchange with someone, isn’t there? It’s that moment of hesitation; the sweetness of sensing the thousand tiny imperfections in the process of absorbing a woman’s idiosyncrasies that, for me, lingers in memory long after everything else has faded away.
- pjammer
Strawberry Girl

For men, the mating game is about power. Women are attracted to power. It doesn't really matter what kind of power.
Physical power, how your body looks and how attractive you are.
Economic power, how much money you have, and how much you're willing to spend.
Intellectal power, how smart you are, which in most cases translates into economic power.
Creativity, which also rolls into economic power.
And charisma, how charming you are, how clever you are, how well you move yourself through social interactions.
Power = security in the minds of women, and that's not going to change any time soon.
The problem is, the superficial displays of security often conflict with the long-term emotional security they also crave.
- jaffo
comment in Why Nice Guys Finish Last

There are secrets we bury deep in the dark places of our hearts that may lay undisturbed for a lifetime save extraordinary circumstance. And from the time he escaped to Taiwan to his years in the U.S., he never spoke a word of his experiences to anyone. After all, there's no sense in needlessly disturbing old ghosts and chance facing the torrent of horrors best left buried in the charred remains of his childhood village. But though we may never speak of these things, we never forget either.
- pjammer
40-Year-Old Landmines and the Price of Vengeance

Ah, but all good things must end, don’t they? The gods of irony are never far away from where I roam – stalking me from triumph to tragedy, ever-ready to pop out like an evil jack-in-the-box when I least expect it.
- pjammer
King of Masochists

I once went white water rafting with a bunch of born-again Christians. On the way home, the bus broke down and they all had a prayer meeting to ask God to fix the bus. Meanwhile, I called my mom to come pick me up. I didn't like the odds.
... so who came through first: God or mom?
Oh, Mom did of course. I always knew the All-Powerful Creator was a woman.
- nandan
comment in Thought of the Day

People will never be scared out of conflict in any lasting way. They cry they are sick of violence, that they can no longer tolerate the cost, that what they are doing threatens to end the world itself-- this is a familiar song, sung by people who thought God would strike all men dead for the atrocities being committed and by people who thought Oppenheimer's little toy would crack the earth like an egg.

This will keep them quiet until they devise an even greater horror-- which they will need to toy with until it scares them too. Always under the flag of 'ending all war', always meaning, 'getting the last word once and for all', and always ignoring the countless times it's been done before. Each faction is convinced that it is the one which should.
- ttyp0
comment in Watchmen

I'd like to point out that very few men and women who become entrenched incumbant politicians are stupid, well-meaning altruists who don't see the consequencies of their policies. Think Kennedy and Gephardt. Not fools. Evil evil men. They know what wretched harm their insidious policies have wrought. Don't be fooled. It's not an accident. It's not an unintended side effect of poor economic sense or an accident of good intentions with unforseen consequences.

Remember, always ask "cui bono", and never doubt the presence of real evil in the world. Like was said in that movie The Usual Suspects: the greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing people he doesn't exist. Maybe he doesn't, but devils do.
- ikilled007
comment in Jimbo: Fun Time is Over

"Bizarre female double standards?"

Economy man! Economy!

"Female standards."

Much better.

- hawver
comment in Lexicon: Girlfriend Luck

It's weird to see a real live objectivist floating around out there. i don't know if i want to shake your hand or poke you with a stick.
- masakist
comment in CyberSEALs

Dear Mr. Jammer,

Thank you for your question concerning our recent campaign.
Upon closer examination of the figures, we have determined that some of your base still belong to you. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. Please accept our apologies, and please find attached a gift certificate for great justice, and $2 off your next zig release.


Steffan "Zig" Ziegler
Cats Customer Service.
- saint_monkey
comment in So You Want to Learn Japanese

When was the last time I spent more than 24 hours away from a computer and/or human contact? I can’t even remember. Observation: After 12 hours without food, hunger became sublimed into the subconscious, much the same way we experience the act of blinking: consciously aware of it only when attention is focused to the phenomenon, otherwise ignored.

The brain is accustomed to the constant background chatter of outside stimulus - conversations, advertising, television, computer messages, etc. The total silence of solitude, in comparison, amplifies every thought in your mind; melting away the petty squabbles you’ve nursed and bringing to focus truths otherwise ignored in the crush of day-to-day living.
- pjammer
Avatar Living

A good amount of applied science in Dutch medical research concludes that there is no such thing as a "placebo."
- anaserene
comment in Memetics

Humberto Ruiz, executive director of Medellin Cocaine, explains: “Anthrax attacks and related hoaxes the United States has left many Americans unwilling to snort white powder up their noses. As a result, first-time use is down 68% from last year, and regular customers are reducing their usage by an average of 15%. Even with steep price cuts and volume discounts, we’ve had difficulty stimulating demand.”
- pjammer
PJ Wire News Services - Anthrax Scare Drives Down Cocaine Use

I don't have much to say regarding everyone else's comments, but I would like to point out what a tragedy it is that the Stephen King who wrote that passage you quoted is apparently the same guy who wrote "Rose Madder."
- phanatic
comment in The most powerful human appetite ...

Humans are, indeed weak - and all your cultures are fatally flawed. As soon as our Chimp-based power infrastructure is complete, you are all history.
- agent_smith
comment in Breakups, Inc.: Social Engineering for Hire

I got 2 of 9 on the gay-vs-eurotrash and 9 of 9 on lesbian-vs-german-lady.
I am pretending not to think about what this says about me, not to mention what it means that I'm admitting it publicly.
- maradydd
comment in Test Your Gaydar!

Apparantly, the #1 cause of death among WW2 fighter pilots after the war was suicide. The transition to peacetime work was too painful to endure, and many men took their lives rather than face the bleak contrast of their lives back home to what they left in the European and Pacific theater. How could civilian employment hope to touch the majesty of hunting the Luftwaffe over the skies of Germany or gunning down Mitsubishi Zeroes 15,000 feet above the Pacific?
- pjammer

Hinn, Hitler, Bin Laden, Stalin, George Bush. These men in their capacities as 'villians' intrigue me. What are they thinking? What is going on in their heads and hearts beyond good and evil, beyond propaganda?

When Hinn promises everything, when Bill Clinton sells arms to Indonesia knowing they will be used for Genocide, when Bush undermines the slow democritization and peace process in North Korea with baseless rhetoric, when Hitler slaughters Jews, when Bin Laden strikes out to protect a narrow fundamentalism....

What were they thinking? It is often inexplicable. I cannot -fully- condemn anything I cannot understand.
- dragonmonkey
comment in Benny Hinn: Snake Oil Wholesaler
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