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Benny Hinn - Snake Oil Wholesaler

A majority of those in the skeptic/atheist community may not recognize the name Benny Hinn, but he is one of the most dangerously powerful spiritual fraudsters in existence today. Combining equal parts of charisma, showmanship and old-fashioned hucksterism, Hinn's "crusades" and television programs promises unlimited wealth and miraculous cures to a frighteningly credulous (and depressingly large) audience.

Don't take my word for it:

Everyone needs to see the madness of crowds in action, the majesty of extreme groupthink, and the unbridled power of suggestion when coupled with the dispensation of hope, no matter how false these messages of hope may be.

Benny Hinn is evil and impressive.


After telling them exactly what they wanted to hear, he urged them to give him money. He referred to it as "sowing seeds" and claimed that they would get back a hundredhundredthousand fold come harvest time, and that harvest time was soon. He mentioned that those who had nothing to give and those who were in debt didn't need to worry. Go ahead and give more than you can. You'll get it back. You'll be a millionare soon.

- Madness of Crowds, by dragonmonkey

Addendum: Interestingly enough, Hinn is also roundly denounced within the more mainstream Christian community, which sees him as an opportunist of unbridled rapaciousness.
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