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How to Improve Shot Accuracy for my HoMeBoYz

hose of us in the shooting community are often aghast at the misuse and grossly inaccurate portrayal of guns in films. At the top of the Hollywood's list of cringe-inducing sins is the popular sideways-held 'gangsta-style' pistol stance.

Birdman Weapon Systems ("Unfriendly Products for an Unfriendly World") is first to capitalize on this trend - and offer gangsta-wannabes with their very own side-mounted Glock-ready HoMeBoY NyTe-SyTeS. And when doing drive-bys on the fools who diss you and your krew are just not enough, you can take they punk asses out wit tha BMG Nuke 50 MicroNuclear Round.

Get yours today!

I shoot more accurately this way, I swear!
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