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Jedi Mind Tricks - Meeting with the Author of 48 Laws of Power

Meeting with Robert Greene went well. The biggest surprise was probably driven by my own expectations: I would have thought that the author of the Book of Jedi Mind Tricks (as I fondly refer to 48 Laws of Power would be an energetic, animated dynamo. In person, he is reserved, clinical and deliberate ... far more introverted than I expected. Interesting.

On to our conversation then ...

So it seems 48 Laws of Power has been doing EXTREMELY well - sold over a million copies in over a dozen languages, including Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Russian and Japanese. While not a "business" book, per se, it has done particularly within the business-book-buying clientele, even though most bookstores keep 48 Laws in the dreaded Psychology/Self-Help section. A million-plus in worldwide sales volume is certainly some excellent popularity, especially for a first-time author.

We also spoke at length about his upcoming book, which continues along the theme of interaction psychology and human power dynamics. Once published, this third book will be packaged along with the first two books as a set in what he currently calls the "Amoral Series," which should be an interesting to see how it will be marketed.

He has quite a following within the business community on the strength of his first book, and we discussed strategies to effectively harness the devotion of his most enthusiastic fans to increase the popularity and readership of the series. All in all, a good and interesting lunch meeting with an author whose work I admire immensely, and now can count as a full-fledged contact and friend.

Score one for networking! Whoo hoo!

Now, it's time to sleep.

<Yoda voice>
Mmmmm, yes ... sleep. Earned it I have.
</Yoda voice>
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