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Coincidence Design ... Premier Matchmaker, or Con Game?

As a market research/business intelligence corporate snoop, I was more than a little intrigued when a number of friends forwarded me a link to Coincidence Design.

Excerpt from their website:

Maybe you've noticed her in a restaurant, or in the lobby of a hotel. Maybe you passed her on the sidewalk a few months ago. Then again, maybe you have yet to catch a glimpse of her.

You won't meet her via the classifieds or a dating agency, because her kind don't go there. You can't just walk up to her and utter some silly pick-up line, because she'd rightly despise you if you did. Even if you do have the good fortune to meet her at a wedding or a business meeting, you'll be disappointed to find out that she's already with someone else. It would be useless anyway; guys are hitting on girls like her all the time.

What's left? You aren't some law-breaking psycho. You can't STALK her.


We can bug her phone. We can use a clever pretext to interview roommates and classmates from her past and colleagues and girlfriends from her present. We can send an agent to check out her relatives. We can go through her mail and filter her email. We can watch her apartment and squeeze information from previous boyfriends. Then,

We'll design a 'COINCIDENCE'.

Sounds either fascinating or frightening, depending on who you ask. So what, exactly, is Coincidence Design? The ultimate matchmaking service? A partnership of high-caliber private investigators? Or a slick con designed to hustle wealthy, self-absorbed jerks who can't find a spouse through conventional dating?

Curious minds want to know ... and it is amazing what a little sleuthing can tell you. In few hours of online and telephone investigation, I've discovered some interesting tidbits ...

(continued from main journal)

Coincidence Design claims to be headquartered in Chicago, but a Whois search yields the following information:

Coincidence Design Inc.
2001 Bryan Tower Suite 3915
Dallas, TX 75201, US

Registrar: Dotster (http://www.dotster.com)
Created on: 10-AUG-00
Expires on: 10-AUG-02
Last Updated on: 10-AUG-00

Administrative Contact:
Bourne, Jason bourne@coincidencedesign.com
Coincidence Design Inc
2001 Bryan Tower Suite 3915
Dallas, TX 75201, US

Technical Contact:
Bourne, Jason bourne@coincidencedesign.com
Coincidence Design Inc
2001 Bryan Tower Suite 3915
Dallas, TX 75201, US

Domain servers in listed order:


A mailing address in Dallas, Texas? Didn't they claim an HQ in Chicago?

A quick search confirms that the physical address at the office building on Bryan Tower does exists, at least according to this Dallas municipal building safety inspection log, though Coincidence Design's tenancy on the 39th floor could not be positively verified.

Further investigation yields more fishy inconsistencies: The 916 area code is neither in Chicago nor Dallas; 916 the area code for Sacramento, CA - and the telephone number listed, (916) 441-1300, points to a car dealership headquartered in Sacramento's Davis suburb. Stranger and stranger.

A promotional ad at the bottom of this section of Coincidence Design's website tells us that the site was built by web shop Saber Works, whose only other client/project is an equally dodgy outfit called Sensation Zone. (Incidentally, both Sensationzone.com and Saberworks.com are registered to a Japanese address: Kurosawa Net Ltd., Higashi-Ikebukuro 2-62-9-1003, Toshima, Tokyo 170-0013)

Reviewing the HTML source code of Coincidence Design's entry page yields more interesting information:

<title>Welcome to Coincidence Design</title>
<META name="description" content="Some people have all the luck. The rest of us have Coincidence Design.">
<META name="keywords" content="love, marriage, beautiful, glamorous, voluptious attractive, getting married, finding true love, wife, bride, marriage agency, personals, superb specimen of the female gender, perfect woman, lisa boyle, single woman, single women, women seeking men, nice body, good-looking"> ...

"Voluptious?" It would seem that the ideal client they are trawling for is not only rich and gullible ... but also a poor speller.

Finally, a quirky observation: Fans of author Robert Ludlam will quickly recognize "Jason Bourne" as the fictitious moniker of Ludlum's protagonist in his eponymously named series of spy thrillers.

After three hours of targeted searches and telephone calls, I discovered there isn't a single verifiable fact about Coincidence Design that stands up to scrutiny. The firm's claim of being staffed with "top-notch private investigators" is laughable, considering how sloppy they've been in building their own online/business presence. Indeed, if they were a private-detective agency, I wouldn't hire them to run a credit check on a target, let alone conduct a full-scale $80,000 operation.

That said, clearly somebody is willing to pay big money to have these assclowns play cloak-and-dagger games to profile women they're too scared to approach on their own. My Free-Market Spidey-Senses are tingling: insufficient competition in this market segment.


Roll call: any machiavellian, charismatic individuals interested in joining me for a new business venture? ;)

Post your qualifications and we'll talk. ;)
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