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New Year, New Connections ...

Every once in a while, I meet up with such an excellent conversationalist/individual blessed with that delightfully demented sense of humor ... that I wonder why I took so long to start a correspondence.

On a lark, I contacted one of the more interesting people I've met through LJ and agreed to meet up for coffee/lunch. Good investment, as I thought it would be: lunch segued into a day long talk whose topics drifted from college pranks to software engineering, mortality to asian culture, social engineering to female psychology.

foobiwan: "Sexy, smart, sane ... pick two!"

And as high-energy maniacs are wont to do, he concluded the day with a few hours at an indoor rock-climbing range, where I joined in and rediscovered the exhilarating (if exhausting) fun of scaling vertical surfaces with one's bare hands.

So I'm tired, but in good spirits. Am planning to follow up with some more intelligent technical questions related to some PERL script CI stuff when I am coherent enough.

Life is good. It just got better today. Onward!
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