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Lexicon Index

As some of you asked by email and Instant Messanger, I've organized the "Pjammer Lexicon" entries into an easy-to-access index. As new Lexicon entries appear, they will be added to this index, which will be directly linked from the main journal (under the 'about me' bio link).


404: [noun] (fōr·ōh·fòr) – A person who is ‘all talk and no follow-through.’ Somebody who prattles endlessly about his big plans for business, academic and interpersonal accomplishments but has neither the professional nor intellectual resources to achieve them. 404s are far more infatuated in the trappings/symbols of success (luxury vehicles, expensive housing, admiration from peers, etc.) than the hard work needed to acquire them.

Apostasy: [noun] (ā·pōs·tā·see) - Desertion of one's faith, religious party, or principles. [apostasia: a standing off, desertion apo (away) + stasis (a standing)]

Conversational Macro: [noun] (con vur SA shun el MA kro) – a set of canned phrases and stock figures-of-speech employed in repetitive conversational situations.

Girlfriend Luck: [noun] (gērl·frēnd lùk) – the uncanny and highly annoying phenomenon where girlfriends who are invited to join player-vs-player computer/console games that they are wholly unfamiliar with, nonetheless beat the stuffing out of more-experienced male opponents.

Marla: [noun, adj.] (mār·la) - (pejorative) a “tourist,” someone who joins a group or organization to be associated and/or socialize with its members, but lacks the fundamental qualities that define the group’s identity.

Na2 Nie1 [noun] (NA·nîe) - Literally translated as "grasp pinch" in Mandarin Chinese, na2 nie1 refers to the trust/influence dynamic between two individuals. Those with a good understanding of na2 nie1 tend to make new friends easily, and consistently win the trust of new people in their lives; those with a poor awareness of na2 nie1 often unknowingly alienate potential friends and valuable connections.

Pareto Time: [noun] (páh·rā·tòh tīm) – fully actualized, optimized time spent in activities aligned with the highest purposes of your life.

Psychological Coverage: [noun] (sí·kò·LO·jî·kel KUV·rej) – the extent to which an individual ‘gets’ another person; the capacity to build accurate internal mental models of another person’s character, mannerisms and personality.

Sandbag: [verb] (sánd·bāg) – to drop age/bracket categories in order to artificially elevate one’s status. Sandbaggers are typically mediocre/unimpressive individuals who failed/couldn’t cut it in their own peer group, and consequently reposition themselves in situations where their inadequacies are diminished.

Temp Mort: [noun] (táh·mòh) – literally translated “dead time,” temp mort is the wasted gaps that lie between those bright, vibrant real moments of life. Temp mort is time spent gossiping, tearing others down behind their backs, and all the petty viciousness that plague even the best of us. Too, temp mort is experienced in those blank moments when we spend time waiting for something to complete our lives … that big break, perhaps an idealized lover, another chance at redemption, or whatever. And waiting. And waiting …
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