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Funny you should come to me ...

Man goes to visit his Rabbi.

"Rabbi, I need your help. Do you remember my son, Daniel?" he asks.

"Ah yes, of course I remember Danny - how is he doing?"

The man shakes his head, "I don't know ... I raised him the way I thought a proper Jewish father should ... sent him to the right private schools, took him the Temple from since he was a child and paid for an expensive Bar Mitzvah. But he goes off to college and comes back a year later and said to me "Father, I have decided to become a Christian. A Christian! My son! How did this happen? Where did I go wrong? Did I push our faith on him too hard? Did I not say enough?"

The rabbi strokes his beard thoughtfully. "Hmmm ... funny you should come to me. For I, too, have a son. Do you remember Benjamin?"

The man brightens up a bit "Oh yes, young Ben! What's going on with him?"

The rabbi shakes his head "I don't know ... I raised him the way most rabbis raised their sons, I suppose. I taught him the Talmud and Torah at an early age, took him to Temple, paid for an expensive Bar Mitzvah, sent him off to college in Israel ... Israel, mind you. When he graduated, he came to me and said: 'Father, I've decided to become a Christian.'"

The man is aghast - the rabbi's son, a Christian!? ... this was even more bewildering than his own situation.

"So ... what did you do, Rabbi?" he asks.

The Rabbi leaned back in his chair "I did the only thing I could do. I prayed and asked God for advice."

"Did God ever answer?"

"Matter of fact, he did."

"What did God say?"

"God said: 'Funny you should come to me ... for I, too, had a Son ...'"
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