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Ignorance is Bliss

o the topic of a chat drifted toward an old post (You May Call Me ... the 15-Minute Man) and the fact that over 60% of the net weight of mussels harvested for human consumption are their gonads, and are harvested right before mating season when they are swollen with added weight.

bratgirl66: Ew, I will never look at a mussel the same way again, and as a chef, that's pretty difficult!

pjammer: HAHAHA. A chef? Kick ass. Any sort of specialty?

bratgirl66: I do 'maverick' southern food, low country and charleston style

pjammer: Ah. Blackend-seasoning flavored crawdads?

bratgirl66: That's more Cajun....i'm more fried green tomatoes with lump crab and caviar..

pjammer: And mussels, of course. Especially now that you know that every time you touch one, you are grabbing the swollen blue-balled gonads of poor mussels who died right before they got laid-

bratgirl66: Arrrgggh!!! Stop!!

Hrm. Perhaps sometimes, it's better we don't know what goes into our food ...
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