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Art of Seduction

Robert Greene (author of The 48 Laws of Power) chronicles the exploits of great seducers as case-studies to illustrate timeless principles of human psychology in The Art of Seduction. When a skeptical female reporter from Nerve.com contacted Greene in a telephone interview to grill him on his approach - much to her surprise, she admitted that "Greene charmed my socks off, got me to completely reconsider his approach and advised me regarding flirtation strategies for a party I was attending that night (which worked)."

Greene: You know about Tantric sex? Essentially, it teaches men to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating. The Art of Seduction is like that, only psychologically. You're putting off the sexual element to heighten the excitement, the tension, all those wonderful things that we've kind of lost because we're so impatient.

Greene breaks down the seduction game into 10 Seducer archetypes, and 18 Victim/Target personalities. (The terminally curious may be interested in the Seducer/Victim Typology survey/poll posted in seducers.)

Art of Seduction

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