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The Viper's Tale - a Chinese Fable (repost)

Once, long ago, a farmer was shoveling snow in the middle of winter when he came across a viper. Buried in the snow bank, the creature was nearly frozen to death from exposure and hunger. The farmer took pity on the snake and picked it up on his way back to his hut – where he nursed it back to health during the bitter cold winter months.

On the first day of Spring, the farmer picked up his guest for a quick morning walk of his field before releasing it back into the wild. As he set the viper down, the snake turned and sank its fangs into the farmer’s hand.

The farmer winced and grabbed his hand in pain.

“Why?” he asked in shocked disbelief, as he felt the viper’s lethal venom flood his body. “I opened my home to you, fed you when you were in need, and gave you the best I had – and this is the thanks I get?”

“Why are you surprised?” the viper replied. “You knew what I was when you rescued me.”
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