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A wonderful post on friends, by kuangning

Once in a while, I find a post so beautiful in its elegance it makes me smile hours after I've read it.

Thank you, kuangning. :)

I've been watching as people around me play the game, and I've stayed out of it. "I'll tell you why you're on my friends list if you'll tell me why I'm on yours." So okay. I'm gonna play. Only I'm gonna play my way. As always.

I read you because something you said, sometime, interested me. Because you made me think, or made me laugh, or made me cry, or somehow, some way, let me walk away feeling like I'd gained something by knowing you.

I keep you on my friends list because that sometime wasn't an isolated incident.

I comment when something you say touches me too deeply for me to stay silent.

I count you a friend because you matter to me. Because your life, no matter how different from mine, has shaped you in a way that I find resonates with me. Because your likes and dislikes, your triumphs, your joys, your tears, your gripes, your disappointments, your flaws and your strengths, somehow add up to a person whose presence in my day is welcomed and even anticipated, because feeling close to you makes me feel like I'm the lucky one in whatever degree of relationship we enjoy...
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