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Have you ever wished you could go back in your life and hit Rewind/Erase/Re-Record for some critical minutes and undo thoughtless words/actions/decisions that cost you an important friendship/business deal/relationship? How many moments can you think of right now that you would redo if you had the power to do so? And if you were wronged ... and had the power to let go your sense of wounded pride when others try to make amends, could you?

For someone who prides himself on his emotional awareness and empathy, I was thoughtlessly uncharitable to someone trying to make amends with me yesterday. So how do you apologize for having refused an olive branch?

And what do you do if you yourself get refused in retaliation?

I wish I were made of stronger stuff sometimes.

Barkeep! I'm running a bit low here - I'll take a double shot of empathy and a slice of humble pie please ...
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