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Farewell, my good friend ...

On November 4th, 2001 - my dog Michael would have turned 14 years old.

He passed away last night.

He hasn't been trying to eat for almost three weeks so this morning's discovery wasn't a complete surprise - but it hurts nonetheless to discover him this morning, sprawled on his bedding - glassy-eyed stare into oblivion. It hurts to know that an entire history - a set of interactions and memories is gone, save what remains in our rememberance.

I want to cry right now - but I just feel a hollow ache inside and have no energy for tears.

Fourteen years. That's half a lifetime for me, during which I witnessed his puppy antics and cleaned up after his indoor "accidents," held him in comfort as he went through his vaccinations, went on a frantic three-week search when he wandered away after we moved to a new home. Too - I watched him in his sunset years and grieved as he slowly went deaf over the past 2 years and gradually lose interest in the playtime activities we've enjoyed in his youth.


14 years, you were a faithful companion and brought me so much comfort and happiness in moments when inconstant humans have disappointed me - and you have my gratitude. I promise to keep you alive in my memory and hope I have brought your nearly-14 years a measure of the joy your company has blessed our family with.

Farewell, my good friend. You are loved, and will be missed.

ZZ Top Moment ...

My favorite picture of a cherished pal

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