ezekiel's chariot - 張敦楷 (pjammer) wrote,
ezekiel's chariot - 張敦楷

The Holocaust Industry

"I sometimes think," writes the Jewish-American academic Dr. Norman Finkelstein, "the worst thing that ever happened to the Nazi Holocaust was that American Jewry discovered it."

The quotation comes from Finkelstein's explosive and bitterly angry book The Holocaust Industry. It accuses those who exploit the Holocaust of telling lies, conniving in Israeli atrocities, and of naked greed. The pursuit of reparations from Swiss bankers and others is damned as "an outright extortion racket." The ruthless industrialisation of the Holocaust has encouraged the rebirth of anti-semitism in Europe and the United States.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that one out of three Jews you stop in the street in New York will claim to be a survivor. And, since 1993, the industry has been claiming that 10,000 survivors have been dying every month. That is completely impossible. It would mean that there were eight million survivors in 1945, but there were only seven million Jews in German-occupied Europe before the war."</blockauote>

Holocast Industry
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