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Coffee & Tea - Natural High


We know that ingesting caffeine helps keep you awake. But what happens if you drink a large amount of coffee and fall asleep before it has a chance to kick in?

Once I'm out cold, it seems even a heavy dose of caffeine in my system won't wake me up; instead, its presence catalyzes some of the weirdest, most wacked-out dreams I've had in years (and friends who are familiar with how loopy my dreams are in general know this means some seriously warped stuff).

Why do people risk jail and spend thousands of dollars on recreational drugs (often of questionable purity), when you can legally and cheaply acquire an espresso machine and high-quality coffee beans?

Then again, my body is very weird - abnormally high pain/temperature thresholds, freakishly strong immunity to infections/illnesses, but hair-trigger sensitive to alcohol/medication/etc. Your mileage may vary.

Hrm. Must investigate further.

Six double shots of espresso and a nap coming right up ...
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