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Server Log Data This Week

pie chart of domain shares from server logs

Hmm. This journal was also getting a lot of hits per day from army.mil a week ago and other military TLD servers. Interesting.

Used to get weekly hits from somebody at nasa.gov but haven't seen anything with a *.gov extension lately. Got a flood of hits from Norway (*.no), Sweden (*.se) and Iceland (*.ie) a few weeks back, then nothing.

Also got pinged by a number of machines at several marquee advertising agencies, PR firms and strategic management consulting firms (You know who you are. Looking for a freelance technical writer/software marketing guru/competitive intelligence snoop, perhaps? Talk to me).

Currently, I'm still editing/writing an essay on the topic of sociopathy/NPD which will be posted soon.

Going to browse through Jane's for some news, and then I should be getting some rest.

This goes for you too. Yeah, you - the goober sitting in front of this monitor. Turn off your computer and go out to play.

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